HARPS symposium

The 1st Symposium of Artistic Research and Performance Studies Functions of the Arts in Cultural and Social Processes was organized by LMTA HARPS and took place on September 25, 2014 at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. The symposium was held with the aim of investigating the roles ascribed to a performer of music, theatre or dance in various sociocultural contexts, to ground the importance of multifunctionality in the activities of a contemporary performer, and, with the innovative ideas of scientific and artistic research, to support the development of performance art in Lithuania. Eighteen artists-researchers, artistic doctorate students and scholars from the LMTA and other institutions within the fields of music, dance and theatre delivered papers on topical issues of the changes in the concept of performance in contemporary arts, performativity in music and theatre, and interrelationships of creation, performance and reception.

On the basis of the papers presented at the symposium, the collection of peer-reviewed scientific and artistic research articles was published: Navickaitė-Martinelli, Lina (ed.). Functions of the Arts in Cultural and Social Processes. Vilnius: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, 2014. The Contents and Foreword of the present book can be found at the HARPS Publications page. Selected presentations from the symposium (in Lithuanian language) are available here.